You already know what you will pay!

Our pricing structure is clear and easily understandable: The price for a translation depends on the actual volume of the source text.

Pricing translation: 
Number of standard lines x price per standard line = final price
Number of words x price per word = final price

Please send us your document for a non-binding offer. During our office hours we make an offer within a few minutes. We look forward to receiving your inquiry!

Prices for standard lines

Our price for a standard line comprises two services (four-eyes quality principle):

  • Translation by a translator specialised in this subject area
  • Check/review by a second independent specialist translator

Hourly rates

  • Proofreading, editing, revision
    CHF 95.00
  • Copywriting / promotional adaption (all languages)
    CHF 125.00
  • Graphical editing / Layout adjustment
    CHF 155.00
  • Project management
    CHF 125.00

The prices are per hour and excluding VAT.

-> For a more transparent price calculation, the word price for editing, proofreading and reviewing can also be invoiced.