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Inserting a translation directly into the layout (DTP processing)

  Layout-KatalogIt sometimes happens that the translated text does not fit 1:1 into the layout. Some languages have just more characters than others and, therefore, translations do not have the same length.     



Example:  If you translate a text from German to French, experience has shown that the French text will be about 25-30% longer and will not completely fit into the layout!


Please contact InvaTrans: No problem for our in-house graphics department!

Full Service ÜbersetzungsagenturOur full service does the work for you.

We have the possibility to directly insert the translation in the graphics format delivered by the customer (e.g. Adobe InDesign, QuarkExpress, FrameMaker, Adobe Illustrator, Visio etc.).

We can convince you of our know-how and strengths by solving possible problems such as necessary text cuts (so that the translation fits in the layout again), general layout adaptions, control of correct line breaks, etc. in an uncomplicated and quick way without a lot of clarification.

Finally, you will receive the translation readily formatted and adapted to the layout in the graphic format you provided us.  Carefree service from A to Z. Just test us!